Vivid Audio Kaya 90 Floorstanding Speaker Reviewed

June 2019 - Reviewed by Brian Kahn

"Kudos to Mr. Dickie, as his latest line of speakers is an unqualified success. I found the cabinets to have surprisingly little vibration even at high listening levels, and the internal loading characteristics let the Kayas play with very little distortion or shift in character regardless of volume level. I know of dealers who have replaced Wilson Audio with Vivid Audio and that is no small compliment. I've been doing high-end audio reviews for the last 20 years, and the Vivid Audio Kaya 90 is one of the most impressive products I have had the pleasure of reviewing. I will be very sad to see this pair go."


Vivid Audio Kaya 45 Loudspeakers

February 2019 - Reviewed by Jason Thorpe

"But while it was immediately apparent to me how clear the Vivids were through the midrange, it took me a while to nail down why they sounded the way they did. Part of the reason for this clarity, I think, is that the Kaya 45s passed along only the musical signal. There was no overhang, no distortion that I could hear, no artifacts. These were the results of well-behaved drivers firmly mounted in an inert enclosure, resulting in a clear window on the musical performance -- or that clear-day thing again. And that clarity, that lack of any distortion, allowed me -- begged me -- to raise the volume higher than I’m usually comfortable with. Which brought me even closer to the music."


High-End Loudspeaker of the Year


Vivid Audio Kaya 45

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Vivid Audio Giya Flagship G1 Spirits Reviewed

August 2018 - Reviewed by Greg Weaver

"Full of life, rich in detail and harmonic bloom, instrument fundamentals from piano, violin, guitar, human voice, etc. are rendered wholly realistically, with excellent texture and lifelike dimension, simulating a near “living” quality, even with recordings I consider mediocre. The Spirits afford some of the smoothest, most fluent, and expressive midrange performance in their class....Pianos were laid bare, and the essence of hammered strings has never been significantly more obviously recreated in my room. Listen to The Piano Music of Federico Mompou [Hyperion] with Stephen Hough at the piano for a taste of the vividness I am trying to describe. Even the short piano solo some 3:15 into Supertramp’s “School” from Crime of the Century [Mobile Fidelity UHQR], soared on the Spirit. Over time, this attribute became only more enchanting. No matter what I listened to, the authentic sense of timbre was a constant."


Vivid Audio Giya G1 Spirit loudspeaker

December 2017 - Reviewed by Jon Iverson

"...It was almost the perfect album to show off what the Vivids got so right: natural, even tonality all across the midrange, with a cohesive soundstage from left to right and from front to back. There was no spittiness, no artificial sheen or edge on anything. No matter how loud I turned them up, the Spirits hung everything together and refused to act out....Vivid's Giya G1 Spirits could rock, and often inspired me to dive all in. And with a great recording, the closer to realistic levels I pushed them, the better everything sounded. At the same time, simple vocal recordings played softly, late at night, sounded sublime. A real treasure, that."