The inventive and spectacular S12 loudspeaker.

August 2020 – Doug Schneider / SoundStage! InSight

SoundStage! editor Doug Schneider visited Vivid Audio to interview Laurence Dickie in the spring of 2020. In this video the viewer gets a behind the scenes deep-dive into the S12 development and the challenges it brought on.

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GIYA G2 Series 2 review

July 2020 – Doug Schneider

SoundStage! editor Doug Schneider concluded [his] review of the original version with this: “The Giya G2 is not only the best loudspeaker I’ve ever reviewed, it’s the best loudspeaker I’ve ever heard.” Today, I still say the same thing — this time, about the Giya G2 Series 2.”

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Doug Schneider interviews Laurence Dickie.

May 2020 – Doug Schneider & Laurence Dickie

SoundStage! editor Doug Schneider on Vivid Audio and Laurence Dickie “…I’d like to call your attention to one such company that doesn’t often get the credit for that aspect that we believe that they deserve. Laurence Dickie is one of the world’s most technically astute designers, which is in evidence in this interview.”

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hometheater review

The Absolute Sound – Laurence Dickie Q&A

April 2020 – Neil Gader

From cradle to the top of the high end engineering. This Q&A with The Absolute Sound editor Neil Gader covers it all.